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We’re pleased to announce the sale of some 22 Belted Galloway females to Penny Rook, High Wycombe, to form the foundation of a new herd which will be run on National Trust land. The Rook family previously ran a suckler herd of Simmental cross cows, but have switched to Belted Galloways due to their hardy nature and environmental grazing benefits. We wish them all the best in the future with their new herd.

Also this month we have sold 7 Belted Galloway two year old females to Walton Lodge, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, to start a new herd.

March 2009

We’re incredibly excited to announce the addition of Southfield Superstar as a new herd sire for the Belted Galloways. He is the first son born in the UK from the well known Australian sire Kinadra Ronaldo, winner of many Royal titles and is therefore a total outcross for British Belted Galloway breeding. He has great presence about him, with power, length and bone.


At just 14 months old, he was bought privately from Mrs Julie Strachey, Cornwall and we look forward to seeing offspring from him hit the ground next year. 

July 2007

We were delighted with our success at the 2007 Great Yorkshire Show (national show for Belties). We took 1st place and Junior Champion with our homebred heifer Sacombe Dun Jasmine

She is our first home bred Beltie to be shown and although the DUN colour can sometimes be a handicap in the show ring, she came out on top beating heifers from all the renowned herds. We look forward to showing more Belted Galloways and breeding from Jasmine.